Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be written in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Electrical Engineering
Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
Generation Systems
Electrical materials
Power Quality
Reluctance Machines
Permanent Magnet Machines
Electromagnetic Design
Power electronics and applications
Manufacture and operation of electrical and electronic systems
Circuits and systems
Circuits and Electronics
Electric vehicle technologies
Power Electronics
Electromagnetic compatibility
Electro technologies
Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System
Bulk Power Generation
Generation Systems
Power Quality and Grounding
Distribution System Planning and Reliability
Multilevel converters
Power Electronics Components and Packaging
Hydropower Technologies and Applications
Environmental-Friendly Technologies for Power Generation
Thermal Power Technologies and Applications
Wind power generation and utilization
Integrated substation automation technologies
Bioengineering Circuits and Systems
Circuits and Systems for Communications
Digital Circuits and Signal Processing

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Design
The Machine Assembly Process
Food Machinery
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Chemical Machinery and Equipment
Mining Machinery Engineering
Metallurgical Machinery and Automation
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Textile Machinery and Equipment
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
Mechanical Friction, Wear and Lubrication
Metallurgy/Casting/Sintering/Thermal Engineering/Welding
Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications
Mechanical Reliability Theory and Engineering
Mechanical Dynamics and Vibration
Power Mechanical Engineering
Mechanism and Machine Science
Casting Technology and Equipment
Welding Technology and Equipment
Plastic Processing Technology and Equipment
Cutting Technology and Equipment
Robot Technology
Computer Aided Manufacturing
Vehicle Engineering

Industrial Engineering
Industrial Design
Industrial Informatics
Manufacturing Engineering
Industrial Simulation
Process Engineering
Manufacturing System Engineering
Quality Engineering
Systems Engineering
Industrial Tribology
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Ship Designing and Building
Spacecraft/Launch Vehicle Systems and Technologies
Surface mount and packaging technology
Tribology and Reverse Engineering

Materials Science and Materials Processing Technology
Micro/Nano materials
Iron & Steel
Metal Alloy Material
Optical / Electrical / Magnetic Materials
Materials Physics and Chemistry
Building Materials
Energy Materials
Environmental-Friendly Materials
Biological Material
Chemical Materials
Seismic materials
Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
New Functional Materials
Surface Engineering / Coatings Technology
Material Processing
Material Cutting
Materials Testing and Evaluation
Microwave Processing of Materials

Applied Mechanics and Design
Solid Mechanics
Environmental Mechanics
Elastic Mechanics
Rock Mechanics
Human Mechanics
Fluid Dynamics
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computer aided engineering design
Noise and Vibration analysis
The Basic of Mechanics and Research Methods
Dynamics and Vibration

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